ZK - FPZ    c/n 717
At Rotorua, 1980        © N.Worsley

A promotional flyer from Air Picton 1989        © Peter Anderson

At Taupo, 1997        © L.Bayliss

Taupo 2003        © N. Worsley

In the hangar at Taupo 2003        © Peter Lewis

Taking off from Taupo 2009        © Mark Funnell

FPZ at Gisborne for the Lawson Field Reunion 24th October 2010
                                       © Graeme Mills

Again at Gisborne 24th October 2010        © Lenn Bayliss

Lined up at the Lawson Field Reunion at Gisborne 24th October 2010
                                        © Graeme Mills
Originally delivered to the US Army, 01/11/1954
To Texas State Tech. Institute 01/1972
To Alaska, 17/06/1980
To Kennedy Air Service, 01/1982
Exported to New Zealand 1988
To Motor Holdings Ltd., Ardmore
To Lake Rotorua then Float Air Picton 1989
Blown into Harbour during storm 22/03/1990
To Mid-Island Aviation, Taupo as Parachute dropper
Owned by John Funnell of Heli-Serve, Taupo
Still active