ZK - CZL    c/n 1541
Originally imported by DH Australia, 05/03/1964
To Aerial Agriculture, Bankstown as VH-IDM
Exported to NZ 1969, ff 26/05/1969 and registered as ZK-CZL
To Fieldair Holdings Ltd., Gisborne, 27/05/1969
Flown by Bob Cranston from 05/06/1969 until 12/06/1972
Then flown by Keith Turner, Charlie Down, John Rika and Dave Ashworth
Used as trainer as fitted with dual controls. Wfu 1986.
To Island Air Safaris, Tauranga, 1987
Exported to Australia, 20/01/1989, as VH-OMO
Exported to Canada, registered C-GEDE
Still active at Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
At Gisborne, NZ 11th October 1969        © Don Noble

In the Napier area 1971 with Neville Worsley        © Neville Worsley

CZL at Masterton 22nd April 1973        © Don Noble

In the Masterton area circa 1973, a good place to leave the Super pile!!
                                       © Keith Turner

CZL at Gisborne 6th February 1974        © Dave Bates

Back at Masterton circa 1975        © Bob Cranston

Back at Gisborne 8th April 1977        © Don Noble

Lined up at Gisborne with CKD, CRE, BMF & CCY 22nd December 1977  
                                       © Dave Bates  

And a week later 29th December 1979        © Don Noble

Heading out to a strip from Gisborne with John Rika circa 1978
                                       © John Rika

At Gisborne 9th January 1980        © Don Noble

CZL at Gisborne again 9th May 1981        © Don Noble

At Gisborne late 1981 with Cresco LTR        © Lenn Bayliss

The late Ralph Leigh with Colin Sutherland under the wing of CZL. Also in
the photo are BMF and CCY                © Colin Sutherland

CZL landing on Tim Williams' strip at Muriwai, Gisborne March 1985 with
pilot Bill Luther                        © Graeme Mills

CZL now at Armidale, NSW, Australia 1995 as VH-OMO  © Lenn Bayliss

CZL transformed into a Floatplane, seen at Thunder Bay, Ontario 2004
                                       © Rich Hulina

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