ZK-CYD   c/n 1615
CYD at Rongotai 10th November 1968        © George Thompson

Pictured at Downsview 24th May 2007        © Neil Aird

More photos and info here:
Imported by Hawker-Siddeley, Wellington, 29/07/1966
May have been destined for Fieldair Ltd. Gisborne.
Stored at Rongotai. Noted being assembled there late 1968.
Noted at Bankstown 29th June 1969 on ferry flight from NZ to Kenya with ZK-CTJ
Exported to Kenya 1969 and used on Desert Locust Spraying.
Exported to the US 11/1992 Registered as N1966B
Still active and based in Onalaska, Texas, U.S.A.