ZK - CRE    c/n 1613
At Gisborne 15th January 1972        © Don Noble

CRE pictured at Waipukarau 29th December 1973        © Dave Bates

Now back at Gisborne 27th October 1974        © Dave Bates

In a line-up at Gisborne 5th January 1976        © Don Noble

CRE at Gisborne 3rd January 1977        © Dave Bates

Now at Dannevirke 2nd January 1979        © Dave Bates

Again at Dannevirke 20th September 1981        © Dave Bates

Pictured at Masterton when flown by Bob Cranston 1983
                               © Bob Cranston

At Dannevirke 1985        © G Mills Archives

Back at Gisborne with CZL 1986        © Graeme Mills

CRE when working out of Otorohanga with pilot Mike Stokes 1987
                               © Mike Stokes (Jnr)

Refuelling near Otorohanga 1987        © Mike Stokes (Jnr)

11 years later upon return to NZ, seen at Frank Wright's hangar
               Tauranga 1998        © Frank Wright

Rebuild underway with Frank Wright 1998        © Frank Wright

Port side being re-skinned 1998        © Frank Wright

The accident scene near Kodiak Island, Alaska 30th November 2003
                                       © G Mills Archives

Another view of the accident scene 30th November 2003
                                       © G Mills Archives

Rebuild underway at Sealand Aviation 2008        © Mark Blok

Rebuild coming along slowly 7th January 2010        © Mark Blok

Preparing for first engine run 17th March 2010        © Mark Blok

First engine run 17th March 2010        © Mark Blok

Cockpit view 17th March 2010        © Mark Blok

Being painted for new owner 21st June 2010        © Mark Blok

More photos and info here:
Imported by Hawker-Siddeley, Wellington, 21/01/1966, ff 10/06/1966
To Fieldair Holdings, Gisborne, 13/06/1966 and stored for a short time
First used on topdressing 13/03/1969 and flown by Noel Bennett and later by Charlie Down
Also flown by Mike Cronin from 10/11/1972, also Alan Nichol and Dave Ashworth
Flown by Jim Frogley 1985 and Mike Stokes 1987. Registration cancelled 07/04/1988
Exported to Australia, Hadlock Holdings, Tumut as VH-CEV 1988
Imported back to NZ and rebuilt by Frank Wright
Exported to Alaska 1999. Reg'd N13VF. Crashed at Kodiak Island 29/11/2003
Rebuilt at Sealand and reg'd C-FPBJ for Atlantci Aircraft Salvage, Enfield, NS
Sold to Island Lake Trading Co. and reg'd C-GJWU and still active there