CQA at Hamilton 26th March 1966        © Peter Lewis

CQA at Ardmore 15th May 1966        © Don Noble

CQA at Ardmore 15th May 1966        © Don Noble

5th August 1966 at Ardmore        © Peter Lewis

CQA loading at Kaitaia 1966 with Gerry Kluck pilot and Dave Starr Loader-Driver        © Dave Starr

Loading at Ardmore 1967 with Dave Starr operating the Loader        © Don Noble

CQA with AZL at Ardmore 1967        © Dave Starr

CQA at Palmerston North 1969        © John Anderson

CQA again at Milson 28th December 1970        © Don Noble

On the cover of the Gisborne Photo News 1971

An article from the Photo News 1971

Gisborne 1971 with CHV and AOI (still in SAS colours)

CQA at Gisborne 15th January 1972        © Don Noble

CQA outside the Fieldair hangar at Gisborne 1972        © Ian Alexander

CQA loading at Gisborne 2nd June 1973        © Don Noble

CQA at Gisborne with pilot Charlie Down        © Wayne Greaves

CQA loading at Gisborne  1973        © Neville Worsley

CQA out to pasture at Palmerston North 15th April 1976        © Peter Lewis

Retirement time at Palmerston North 1976        © Neville Worsley

After being used for fire practice, Palmerston North 1989        © Marcus Bridle

c/n 14585/26030                                         C47B-5-DK         

Constructed as a C-47B-5-DK by Douglas at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Douglas C-47B-5-DK 14585                
New construction number, 26030, assigned to the airframe.                
Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Army Air Force with s/n 43-48769.

Delivered to the USAAF in September 1944. Later modified as an SC-47. Registered to Aero American Corp of Arizona in 1961 as
N87655, who sold the aircraft to James Aviation in March 1966. The aircraft was flown to Christchurch for ag-conversion by NAC.
Registered on March 25, 1966, it entered service as James Aviation's second Ag-Dak. First flight was in April 1966 at Kaikohe, by
Reg Plane. It was mainly based at Ardmore and flown by Bill Peterson. Gerry Kluck also spent some time flying this DC3.
In June 1970 the aircraft was prepared for a COA overhaul at Rukuhia and found to be in a poor state. It was subsequently sold to
Fieldair on an 'as is' basis on August 25, 1970. It was based at Gisborne with Fieldair and flown by a number of pilots including Bill
Olsen, Bruce Thompson, Charlie Down, Ian Rankin and Basil Martin. The aircraft was withdrawn from use on July 8, 1975, and the
registration cancelled on March 11, 1977. The aircraft was reduced to spares by Fieldair at Palmerston North. The fuselage was
given to the Rescue Fire service at Palmerston North. The remains of the fuselage are reported to be at Ohakea.
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