ZK - CLP    c/n 493
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CLP at Gisborne 23rd October 1965 when flown by Ian Rankin        © Don Noble

At Dannevirke, 1967, flown by Bob Cranston        © B.Cranston

Crash site, 5th January, 1969        © Doug Sklenars

And the wreckage at Gisborne        © Peter Lewis
Delivered to US Air Force 22/05/1953
To State Airlines USA as N7743B
Imported by DH NZ 03/1965, ff 24/03/1965
To Fieldair Ltd., Gisborne, 06/04/1965
Flown by Ian Rankin 1965
Flown by Bob Cranston 30/09/1966 to 04/01/1969 (Based mostly at Dannevirke)
Crashed at Wanstead, 04/01/1969
Destroyed by fire.
Bob Cranston badly injured.