ZK - CKH    c/n 25
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Originally delivered to DH Africa, 17/11/1948 as ZS-DCG
To Libya 1961 as G-ARTR
To New Zealand 07/10/1964, registered as ZK-CKH, ff 16/12/1964
To Air Services Ltd, Masterton 21/12/1964. Flown by Neil Middlemiss then Tony Pratt.
To J.D.Menary, Kaikohe, 02/09/1982
To James Aviation, Hamilton, 08/05/1984
Syndicate purchase at Auckland.
Active with NZ Warbirds, Ardmore and painted up in NZ6001's scheme.
G-ARTR noted at Luton, UK 1964        © via Neil Aird

CKH now at Masterton 1965        © Peter Lewis

CKH at Masterton 25th March 1967        © Don Noble

CKH at Masterton 15th May 1970        © Dave Bates

CKH at Masterton 12th April 1971        © Dave Bates

A hard working Ag Beaver at Masterton 3rd October 1973  Unknown

CKH at Masterton 29th December 1973        © Dave Bates

Looking like new at Masterton 21st October 1979             © Dave Bates

CKH at Rukuhia, Hamilton at James' 5th February 1984        © Don Noble

Now with the Warbirds at Ardmore and painted up to represent
NZ6001 - 3rd May 2007        © Graeme Mills

In the paint shop at Ardmore for a respray 19th February 2009
                               © Graeme Mills

And out of the paint shop 9 days later        © Colin Hunter

A great air-to-air shot from John King 2nd July 2009        © John King

CKH at Ardmore 11th October 2009        © Lenn Bayliss

CKH taking part in the Lawson Field Reunion at Gisborne
                       24th October 2010        © Graeme Mills

CKH lined up at Gisborne 24th October 2010        © Graeme Mills

CKH at Ardmore 23rd August 2014        © Keith Morris (Sir Minty)