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22/07/1964 - Commissioned at the de Havilland factory in Downsview, Ontario, Canada
08/10/1964 - Arrived at Hawker-Siddeley, Wellington, New Zealand
29/01/1965 - Purchased by Fieldair Ltd. of Gisborne. This was Fieldair’s 10th Beaver.
Registered as ZK-CKD, it was based at Dannevirke and flown by Jim Irving.
Also based there at this time was Fieldair’s 2nd Beaver ZK-BBX flown by Brian Noblett.
CKD remained in Dannevirke until 1972, being flown by several pilots including Derek Erskine,
Jim Doyle and Harley Cadwallader.
It was also flown out of Wairoa for a short time by Roger Crowe.
Late in 1972 it went to Gisborne when Roger failed his medical.
CKD was passed on to Bill Luther who had just joined the Company in Gisborne.
Bill flew this Beaver for the next 7 years, up until 1979 when he went on to
flying the DC3. CKD was flown by several pilots after this including Vaughan Wilson
and John Rika.
02/04/1974 - Slight damage at Whakatane "nudging" a pump shed (H.Cadwallader)
It was finally retired from the rigors of topdressing in 1986.
Several of Fieldair’s Beavers were put up for sale in as is where is condition as they had
been slowly replaced by the Fletcher topdresser.
Frank Wright in Tauranga purchased these aircraft and proceeded to
completely strip and rebuild them all, some in Gisborne and some in Tauranga.
They were all put back to passenger configuration with ZK-BMF being the first to
undergo the transformation.
1991-92 CKD was completely rebuilt and is noted as being purchased by
Wilderness Wings in Hokitika on the 8th of February 1993.
It was purchased by its current owner, Seawing Airways, Darwin, N.T. Australia in 1996.
10/05/1996 - New owners Steve Krug & Jenny Belfield flew this Beaver across the Tasman and
on up to Darwin. It was registered as VH-SWB and still retains this title.
Steve and Jenny later relocated to Rose Bay, Sydney N.S.W.
As at the 30th of June 2014, Steve has flown 11,800 hours on floats in SWB, ferrying sightseers
and tourists throughout the Sydney area. He has also accomplished over 26,600 water
landings and 4,580 land landings.
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