C/N: 2051

VP-KIB Lockheed 18-08 Lodestar ex ZS-ATE, SAAF 244, ZS-ATE Regd .51 to East African Airways Corpn, Nairobi.
To N94546; later N57M, N7772.

ZS-ATE was delivered new to South African Airways in January 1941.

Shortly after delivery it was impressed into service with the South African Air Force becoming SAAF244.

Restored after the war as ZS-ATE, it was sold in 1950 to East African Airways as VP-KIB.

After a second airline career in Kenya it eventually went to the USA.

N7772 arrived at Gisborne Airport from Florida, via Los Angeles, Honolulu, Fiji and Auckland on the 1st February 1964.

It was ferried out by pilots from Connor Airlines in the U.S.A.

It was then flown to Rongotai in Wellington where Hawker-Siddeley undertook the conversion to a topdresser.

It was delivered to to Airland on 10th May 1964 as ZK-CGV.

Aircraft was ditched in the sea on approach to Napier Airport 24th April 1971. One of the Fowler flaps malfunctioned, causing the
aircraft to roll. Pilot Ray Misson was unhurt, although rather wet. He used the seat cushion for buoyancy and was picked up by a
passing trawler. The wreck is still at the bottom of the sea.
CGV present at the Airshow held in Gisborne February 1965        © Gisborne Photo News

CGV being put through it's paces at the above Airshow        © Gisborne Photo News

CGV pictured here at Gisborne 23rd October 1965        © Don Noble

CGV at left with BUV at Gisborne 24th May 1967        © Don Noble

CGV now with the Airland yellow scheme at Napier 8th November 1970        © Don Noble

Another brief history of CGV as posted at the GAPS Museum Gisborne        © Graeme Mills