c/n 18923                              C47A-65-DL        "George Bolt"       

Manufactured by Douglas Aircraft Corporation at Long Beach in California and rolled off the production line on 1/10/1943.
Constructed as a C-47A-65-DL. Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Army Air Force with s/n 42-100460.

Delivered to the USAAF on Oct 15, 1943, the aircraft was later sent to Australia and for a time loaned to the RAAF. Became VH-ANM
with Australian National Airlines on February 6 1947. Passed through three other Australian Airlines (Queensland Airlines,
February, 4 1956; Ansett-ANA, December 7, 1958 who converted it to viewmaster standard; and Airlines of New South Wales,
February 14, 1961) before being sold to SPANZ in September 1961. It was registered as ZK-CAW on October 13,1961.
Imported to New Zealand, the aircraft was operated by SPANZ as 'George Bolt'. After the collapse of SPANZ, the aircraft passed to
NAC on February 28, 1966. 45,340 elapsed hours. Leased to Fiji airways until Aug 5, 1969, after which it was leased to Mt Cook
Airlines. When surplus to requirements, the aircraft was stored in Christchurch, after which it passed to South Seas Airways
sometime before it was registered on May 7, 1971. As the charter company could not get an operating license, and the aircraft
required overhaul, it almost immediately (May 13) went to Fieldair.
After conversion, it began ag-work on November 22, 1972 named 'Whio', and went on to complete 6,286 hours in the role. It initially
was based at Dannevirke and flown by Jim Irving until 1975. Flown by Ian McPherson and Neville Worsley in shifts during 1976.
Flown by Neville & Tiri Manahi 1977 from Oringi. Overhauled 25th May 1977. 52,981 elapsed hours. Back in service 28th October
1978, returning to Oringi. 1979 based at Napier with Mike Judd. Back at Oringi from 1980. Later flown by Ray Misson at Wairoa.
Completed it's flying life at Gisborne flown by Bruce Thompson and Basil Martin.The aircraft's last topdressing flight was on
October 29, 1984, out of Gisborne, flown by Basil Martin, having completed 56,282 hours.
Sold to Richmond Harding of Wanganui Aero Work on May 13, 1985, the aircraft was towed to Wanganui where it was proposed to
restore the aircraft to airworthiness in passenger configuration. Prohibitive costs meant the plan was abandoned, and in 1989 the
aircraft was towed to Taupo where the aircraft was refurbished, fitted with viewmaster style windows and painted.
The registration was cancelled on July 10, 1990. The aircraft was then displayed in Taupo as a feature of the Aeroplane Car
Company's caryard. On November 6, 1990 the aircraft again went into service, this time as an extension of the MacDonalds
restaurant next door.   Reported to have been purchased by the Tauranga Aviation Museum and has yet to be transported there.
CAW seen here at Whenuapai 2nd February 1964        © Peter Lewis

Now in NAC colours at Wanganui 1966        © Peter Lewis

Now as VQ-FAI with Fiji Airways in 1967        © Allan Wooller via Peter Lewis

Looking rather neglected at Picton when with South Seas in 1971.         © Peter Lewis

Now reborn as a Topdresser at Milson November 1972        © Dave Paull

Loading at Oringi (Dannevirke) 3rd June 1973        © Don Noble

Parked at Oringi 29th December 1973

Working off Wanganui Airport with Neville Worsley 1976        © Neville Worsley

Seen here at Gisborne 8th April 1977        © Don Noble

Pictured at Wairoa 1980 working with 2 other DC3's AWO and BKD, piloted by Ray Misson        © J.Alderliste

Loading at Gisborne with pilot Bruce Thompson 1983        © Graeme Mills

Working in the hills just East of Gisborne with pilot Basil Martin 1984        © Ernie Tait

Flying life over, CAW parked at Milson 1985 with APK, APB and AWO        © Neville Worsley

Now at Wanganui and partially stripped of paint 1985        © Richmond Harding

24 years later at McDonalds Taupo 14th February 2009             © Graeme Mills  

In the cockpit 14th February 2009        © Graeme Mills

In amongst the greenery at Taupo 26th August 2012        © Graeme Mills
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