Lockheed Lodestar Model 18
C/N 2020

Ordered by the United Airlines in USA and registered NC25630 7th August 1940.
To the USAAC 8th May 1941 and now a L18-56D Model.
On the 1st July 1941, it was leased to the RAF and registered as AX756.
Also registered as G-AGCN on the British Civil Register. with Atlantic Airways based in Miami.
Shipped to Capetown, South Africa and on the 29th September 1941, it was purchased by BOAC and served in East Africa, taking
on the name "Lake Victoria". It stayed in this role until 19th November 1947.

On the 27th January 1949, it came under the banner of CANA in Spain but was stored in Madrid.
Civil registration EC-ADU was given to this Lodestar but never taken up.
Taken on by Ejercito del Aire in mid 1950 until 26th March 1954.
It also made it's way to Minnesota Airmotive and registered as N9933F.
Fieldair bought this Lodestar 1st July 1958 and was ferried to Bankstown, Sydney to be converted to a Topdresser.
Fairey Aviation again did the conversion and ferried to New Zealand on the 4th August 1958.

It seems to have been based mainly in Dannevirke and flown by Ian "Haggis" MacPherson.
On the 17th of December 1969, an undercarriage failure saw it land at Milson with the wheels up.
It sustained substantial damage and it was decided to withdraw this Lodestar from service.
Bob Allen flew this Lodestar to Whenuapai on the 2nd November 1970 with it's wheels locked down.
Fieldair had donated it to MOTAT and it is still there undergoing refurbishment.
BVE seen here at the opening of Wellington Airport 1959        © Neville Worsley

BVE at Wanganui 12th June 1960        © Don Noble

BVE captured at Milson 1965        © Allan Wooller

Taken the same day at Milson        © Allan Wooller

Now seen here at Gisborne 9th January 1967        © Don Noble

Loading at Gisborne 30th March 1968        © Don Noble

Now at MOTAT 1996        © Phil Treweek