Lockheed Lodestar 18-56
C/N 2152

The 3rd Lodestar to be purchased by Lawson Field, BUV arrived in Gisborne direct from Mascot, Sydney on 3rd May 1958. Again
this flight was conducted by Bob Allen and Charles Brodie. Reported to be the only International flight to have ever landed in
Originally built as a C-59, it went to the US Army Air Corps, designated 41-29631. After a short period, it was lend-leased to the RAF
as EW984 until the end of WW2.
It then went to the Spanish Air Force, registered as EC-22 before being converted to an Airliner for Compania Auxiliar Nationale
During this time it was converted to a C-60 (18-56 status).
It returned to the USA when leases expired and was registered as N9930F. It was purchased by Minnesota Airmotive Inc. 1st
September 1955.

Purchased by Fieldair in 1957 and ferried to Bankstown where it was converted to a Topdresser.
It flew for Airland and Fieldair and clocked up 9,000 hours topdressing in 14 years of service.
It was withdrawn from use 28th November 1972. Bob Allen flew BUV to Gisborne 8th January 1973 where it was later put on poles
at the entrance to Gisborne Airport.
It is now housed in the GAPS Museum at Gisborne Airport.
BUV at Milson 1965        © Allan Wooller

A photo taken by Ted Brown of Bob Allen flying BUV above the Takapau Plains 1966        © Bob Allen

BUV in the original Airland colour scheme at Gisborne 24th March 1967        © Don Noble

Now at Napier in the new Airland scheme 8th April 1970        © Don Noble

Pictured here with Lodestar CGV and DC3 APK at Napier 8th March 1970        © Don Noble

Loading at Gisborne 6th July 1970        © Don Noble

Again at Gisborne the next day 7th July 1970        © Don Noble

Receiving some attention at Gisborne around 1970        © Ian Alexander
     Engineers are Ian Alexander, Curly Whitehead and Kenn Webb

BUV seen  here at Oringi, possibly flown then by Jim Irving 4th October 1972        © Don Noble

After it's final flight, BUV sits at Gisborne awaiting construction of the plinth. 2nd June 1973        © Don Noble

Again on the same day as above        © Don Noble

Sitting on the plinth at Gisborne Airport 20th October 1973        © Don Noble

Inside the GAPS hangar at Gisborne 2006        © G.Mills

Again inside the GAPS hangar 6th February 2009        © Graeme Mills

Now outside the hangar temporarily 30th September 2015        © Graeme Mills

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