ZK - BFN    c/n 564
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Originally registered in Canada as CF-HGW April 1954
Imported by DH NZ April 1954. ff 17/09/1954 (no hopper, fencepost drop trials)
To Fieldair Ltd., Gisborne 20/05/1954.
Flown from new by Bob Allen on fence dropping initially then topdressing with new hopper box design.
Later flown by Don Thorp, Jack McCurdy, Gerry Oman, Alan Condon, Ken Olsen & Noel Kinvig 1965
Crashed on test flight after rebuild at Gisborne, 14/04/1969
Aileron controls incorrectly fitted.
John Riddell and Harley Cadwallader seriously injured.
Fate of wreck unknown.
BFN near new at Paraparaumu 12th October 1954        © Don Noble

Post dropping on Waipaoa Station 1954. Pilot Bob Allen.        © Don Noble

Post dropping on Waipaoa Station 1954        © Don Noble

During post-dropping operations on Waipaoa Station January 1955.
From left: Pilot Bob Allen, R.Jamieson (DH NZ), Ken Spence (Station
Manager) & John Clark (Station Owner)         © Bob Allen

BFN at Hastings 1955 now with Hopper installed        © Don Noble

Outside the Fieldair hangar at Gisborne March 1959        © Don Noble

At Masterton January 1960        © Don Noble

The accident site on Gisborne Aerodrome 14th April 1969       
                       ©GMills Archives

As above        © GMills Archives

As above        © GMills Archives