ZK - BDI    c/n 462
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Imported by De Havilland (NZ) Ltd., Wellington 14/07/1953, ff 02/10/1953
To James Aviation Ltd., Hamilton. "No.2" flown by Hap Neville (53/54), Red McNally (54/55)
Flown by Peter McNab until badly damaged by gale force winds at Taupo, 12/05/1958.
Registration cancelled.
Wreck purchased by Aerial Farming (NZ) Ltd., Palmerston North.
Rebuilt by Aerial Farming with new registration, ZK-BMO. Test flown 19/12/1958
Flown by Bob Divehall until Jan., 1960 then Bruce McMillan until crash at Niho Niho, 02/09/1960.
Wreck exported to Australia, rebuilt as VH-AAW and operated by Aerial Agriculture Ltd.
To Robby's Aircraft Pty. Ltd. as VH-RAS.
Imported back to N.Z. March, 1966 by Fieldair Ltd. at Gisborne. Ff 15/03/1966
Flown by Bob Cranston, Harley Cadwallader, Neville Worsley and Jim Frogley
Re-registered as ZK-CPZ. Fieldair Holdings (Central) Ltd., Palmerston North, 18/11/1980.
To Kairanga Aviation Ltd., Palmerston North, 16/09/1983.
Registration changed back to ZK-BDI.
Sold to Parakai Parachute Centre, Balmoral, 08/02/1988.
To (Fieldair), Palmerston North, 29/09/1990
Exported to Australia 1990.
Registered as VH-BOS 10/01/1991 to Altair Aviation P/L, Camperdown, Victoria.
                   Part One - BDI - 1953-1960

At the Palmerston North Air Show 9th November 1956  © Don Noble

And again at the air show 9/11/56        © Don Noble

Belly landing, no date/place available        © Don Noble

With racks fitted, at Rukuhia        © Don Noble

Having a new engine fitted at Ngaino Station 1957        © Lou Forhecz

Upended after a storm at Taupo 12th May 1958        © Don Noble

BMO pictured at Fielding 1959        © Lou Forhecz

A new paint scheme at Piriaka 1959        © Don Noble

At Rongotai 1959        © Peter Lewis

Now in Australia as VH-AAW, pictured at Bankstown March 1962
                               © Ed Coates Collection

And at Parafiled, South Australia as VH-RAS        © Ed Coates Collection

Now in South Australia in 1963 as VH-RAS         © Peter Lewis

Now back with initial registration in the Hallett Griffin camp.
Pictured here at Masterton 29th January 1984        © Don Noble

Back at Griffin's Kairanga base 10th March 1984        © Don Noble

Pilot Colin Sutherland and BDI at Kairanga 1984        © C.Sutherland

September 1986 at Ardmore when used in the making of a Movie.

Colin Sutherland flying while stunt man Peter Bell braves the outside

with no parachute.

A Wings article about this. Photos from © Colin Sutherland

Now at Camperdown, Victoria as VH-BOS        © Neil Aird
After the crash at Niho Niho 2nd September 1960, the wreck was exported to Australia and
rebuilt. Initial registration was VH-AAW then later VH-RAS when purchased by Robby's Air
The wreck above from the storm was purchased by Aerial Farming at Palmerston North and
rebuilt. Now registered ZK-BMO, it was test flown 19th December 1958 and was flown by Bob
Divehall then Bruce McMillan.
In March 1966, this Beaver was exported back to New Zealand after being purchased by Fieldair.
It was registered ZK-CPZ and had it's first flight 15th March 1966.

Please see ZK-CPZ for this part of the Aircraft's history here:  ZK-CPZ

On the 16th September 1983, this Beaver was purchased by Hallett Griffin at Kairanga and the
registration was changed back to it's original ZK-BDI. Then on the 8th February 1988, it moved on
to the Parakai Parachute Club North of Auckland. In 1990, a Fieldair employee bought it and later
that year it was exported back to Australia, having been purchased by Altair Aviation,
Camperdown, Victoria where it is still stored as VH-BOS