c/n 16568/33316        NZ3545        C-47B-35-DK

Constructed as a C-47B-35-DK by Douglas at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Douglas C-47B-35-DK 16568                
New construction number, 33316, assigned to the airframe.     
Circa 1944 Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Army Air Force with s/n 44-76984.                
Transferred to the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposal Center (MASDC) with inventory number NZ3545.

BOC No.1 ASU Hamilton. To No.40 Squadron, Whenuapai. To 41 Squadron March 1946-April 1953. First RNZAF aircraft to fly
from New Zealand to  the United Kingdom arriving there on 16 March 1947. Served in Singapore 1949-1951.
Loaned to NZNAC as ZK-AZL 14 April 1953.
Returned to RNZAF for use during Royal Tour of NZ December 1953-January 1954. Sold to James Aviation 14 May 1954 and
converted to aerial topdresser at Rongotai by de Havilland. First load of Super dropped on December 1st 1955.
James also pioneered the single pilot operation with mods to the undercarriage and flaps levers and an electric hopper
Flown by Reg Plane, Jack Humphries, Jack Priest, Bill Peterson and Gerry Kluck. Jack Humphries also converted Airland
pilots in AZL. Dave Starr, who started as a Loader Driver with James, is the only known person to fly a DC3 on a Private Pilots
Licence. I think the laws were changed once CAA found out!!! Dave went on to fly James' DC3's on operations with the
correct Licence!!!
Dave Starr's last flight in this DC3 was on April 11 1974. Withdrawn from use 04 September 1974. Registration cancelled 06
June 1984.  Thanks to Dave for some great photos while he was with the DC3 operations.
AZL was presented to Clydesdale Museum, Mystery Creek, Hamilton and presently on display in James Aviation topdresser
colours. Repainted in 2012 in James original colours and housed in an open hangar at Mystery Creek.

AZL early on in it's topdressing role refuelling at Hamilton        © Peter Lewis via Alan Wooller

AZL at Hamilton late 1950's         © Peter Lewis via lan Wooller

AZL working at Ardmore 1961 with Dave Starr and Crew as named.        © Dave Starr

Loading with the "Autocar" Loader at Ardmore in 1961        © Dave Starr

1961 at Ardmore with Ray Blackmore, Dave Starr and American pilot Dick Brookes.
These 3 guys are all under the age of 21                © Dave Starr

AZL now under the Airland banner 1962        © Peter Lewis via Alan Wooller

BYF and AZL at New Plymouth 1962        © Neville Worsley

AZL at Tangiwai 1964        © Dave Starr

AZL sowing near Tauranga 1960's        © Dave Starr

AZL at Ardmore 1965        © Don Noble

AZL at Hastings 1966        © Peter Lewis

Loading at Hamilton with pilot Jack Humphries and Driver Dave Starr        © Lou Forhecz

Again at Hamilton with Jack Humphries and Dave Starr        Unknown Photographer

AZL at Ardmore 28th August 1966        © Don Noble

AZL at Ardmore 28th August 1966        © Don Noble

Loading at Ardmore 29th March 1969        © Don Noble

Departing Ardmore 29th March 1969        © Don Noble

AZL at Palmerston North         © Dave Marshall

Now housed in a new shelter at Mystery Creek just a few steps from Rukuhia where this DC3 was the
first to be used on Topdressing        © Ray Deerness
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