c/n 15699/27144        NZ3531        C-47B-20-DK        "Parera"

Constructed as a C-47B-20-DK by Douglas at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Douglas C-47B-20-DK 15699                
New construction number, 27144, assigned to the airframe.                
Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Army Air Force with s/n 43-49883.                
Transferred to the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposal Center (MASDC) with inventory number NZ3531.

BOC Unit 19 Whenuapai. To No.40 Squadron, Whenuapai. To storage 24 May 1946. SOC 31 May 1947.
To NZNAC as ZK-AZA on 17 September 1951.
Converted to DC3-C at Palmerston North 11 August 1952.
Loaned to Fiji Airways as VQ-FAJ.
Converted to DC3-C Skyliner "ROTORUA" at Christchurch 06 September 1963.
To NAC as ZK-AZA 06 September 1963.
To Fiji Airways as VQ-FBF on 29 September 1967.
To Air Pacific as DQ-FBF on 31 July 1971. Fijian registration cancelled 31 October 1972.
Restored to NAC as ZK-AZA 14 December 1972.
Converted to topdresser at Christchurch 06 March 1973. First load sown at Rotorua on the 3rd April 1973.
Flown initially by Dave Starr then Les Marshall for James Aviation.
WFU 01 October 1979.
To Dwen Airmotive 17 July 1983.
Registration cancelled 11 October 1983.
Broken up at Ardmore during November 1983 and parts sent to Cook Islands for use in film production.
AZA in early colour scheme with NAC in 1953        © Unknown Photographer  -  Kiwibeavers archives

AZA now a "Skyliner" with NAC seen here at Whenuapai 23rd August 1964        © Peter Lewis

Now working out of Ardmore as a Topdresser 31st March 1977        © Don Noble

Landing at Ardmore after a topdressing run 16th July 1977        © Don Noble

Noted here at Rukuhia 4th November 1977        © Don Noble

Back loading at Ardmore 1979        © Unknown Photographer  -  Kiwibeavers archives

Again at Ardmore 1980        © Unknown Photographer  -  Kiwibeavers archives

Pictured here in 1982        © Unknown Photographer  -  Kiwibeavers archives

AZA seen here at Rotorua mid 70's when flown by Les Marshall        © Kiwibeavers archives