c/n 16387/33135       NZ3542        C-47B-30-DK        "Powhaitere"
Constructed as a C-47B-30-DK by Douglas at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.                
New construction number, 33135, assigned to the airframe.                 
Circa 1944 Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Army Air Force with s/n 44-76803.
BOC No.1 ASU Hamilton. To No.41 Squadron, Whenuapai. Used in Singapore between 1949 and 1951. SOC 03 July 1952. To NZNAC as
ZK-AWP on 03 July 1952. Converted to DC3-C at Palmerston North 23 March 1953. Converted to DC3-C Skyliner "KAITAIA" at Christchurch 09
May 1963. Leased to Polynesian Airlines as 5W-FAI 02 February 1970. Returned to NAC as ZK-AWP on 08 June 1972 and was stored in the
open stripped of it's engines and control surfaces. Converted to topdresser by NAC in March 1973 and flew again on 25 July 1973.
Commenced topdressing with Southern Air Super 03 August 1973. To Fieldair 14 July 1975 as a result of company takeover. Withdrawn from
use 27 May 1985 after 6722 hours of topdressing and converted to freighter configuration with Classic Air Services in the latter half of 1986. To
Fieldair Freight, Palmerston North 30 October 1986. Reconverted to passenger configuration in 1993 when the freight operation was wound up
. To Alpine Fighter Collection, Wanaka 27 August 1993 and leased to Classic Air from 11 March 1994. To Mackley Aviation, Auckland 14
December 1995. To NZ Aerial Mapping, Albany, Auckland 28 August 1998. During a major overhaul in 1999 the aircraft was painted in an NAC
Skyliner colour scheme. Leased to Pionair Adventures, Christchurch from 05 July 2000. To Future Flight Ltd., Ardmore 21 December 2001. To
Pionair Adventures Ltd, Christchurch 24 May 2002. Damaged in takeoff accident at Mount Cook 2002 when the aircraft slid off the runway.
Repaired and back in service in Pionair colours. Sold to Peau Vava'u Air, Tonga 2005. Laid idle in Tonga 2006-2009, purchased by Chathams
Air Pacific and rebuilt to airworthy status January 2010. Amassed nearly 50,000 hours TTA. Returned to Auckland N.Z. 23/12/2013 after serving
in Tonga for nearly 4 years. Now with Air Chathams on passenger services NZ wide.
AWP when with NAC during the 1950's seen here at Whenuapai        © Marcus Bridle via Peter Lewis

AWP with the new NAC paint scheme at Whenuapai 2nd February 1964        © Peter Lewis

AWP at Auckland 11th November 1967        © Peter Lewis

AWP now in the Topdressing role seen here loading at Woodbourne when flown by Neville Worsley 9th November
1973                                                © Don Noble

AWP at Queenstown in 1973        © Neville Worsley

Neville Worsley's 2 sons with AWP at Alexandra December 1973        © Neville Worsley

Now based at Gisborne 5th January 1976 when flown by Basil Martin         © Don Noble

Now based at Gisborne 5th January 1976 when flown by Basil Martin         © Don Noble

Failure of the static loader hydraulic ram put the bucket through the roof of AWP at Gisborne 13th November 1976.
It missed Pilot Basil Martin by inches and he escaped through the cocpit roof hatch.
© Derek Lewis via Nick Nicholson

A view of the above incident from the Port side        © Derek Lewis via Nick Nicholson

Repaired and back at Gisborne 3rd January 1977        © Don Noble

AWP loading at Gisborne with Basil Martin flying 31st May 1980        © Don Noble

Bill Luther doing a job on a Saturday morning in 1980        © Ernie Tait

AWP and Bill Luther loading at Gisborne 1980        © Ernie Tait

AWP seen at Masterton 1982 by John Anderson        © John Anderson

AWP at Gisborne 1983 when flown by Bruce Thompson        © Graeme Mills

AWP now retired from Topdressing and with Speedlink Freight. Photographed here at Wellington by
Steve Jenks circa 1987        © Steve Jenks

Captured by Peter Lewis 1988        © Peter Lewis

Now converted for Scenic Flights with Classic Air. Seen here at Ardmore 19th November 1994        © David Marshall

Now at Paraparaumu 4th February 1995        © Steve Jenks

AWP went to Tonga in 2005 and only flew for a short time before being abandoned on an Airport for 3 years.

1st October 2010 and AWP has been rescued in Tonga by Air Chathams        © Craig Emeny

First flight in 4 years, A3-AWP taxii's after several ground runs        © Craig Emeny

AWP undergoing major maintenance at Palmerston North        © Glenn Thompson

Returning to New Zealand after 8 years in Tonga, AWP is captured landing at Mangere 22nd December 2013
                                    © Colin Hunter

AWP seen at Ardmore 11th April 2014        © Colin Hunter

And 8 days later landing at Wanaka for the Annual Air Show 19th April 2014        © Peter Lewis

Parked with other Air Chathams Aircraft at Mangere 24th August 2014        © Keith Morris  aka Sir Minty.

AWP now based at Ardmore, seen here 2nd October 2015        © Graeme Mills
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