c/n 16732/33480       NZ3548        C-47B-35-DK        "Putaitai"

Constructed as a C-47B-35-DK by Douglas at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Douglas C-47B-35-DK 16732                
New construction number, 33480, assigned to the airframe.                
Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Army Air Force with s/n 44-77148.                
Transferred to the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposal Center (MASDC) with inventory number NZ3548.

BOC No.1 ASU Hamilton. To No.40 Squadron, Whenuapai. To 41 Squadron March 1946-July 1952. SOC 01 July 1952. To NZNAC as ZK-AWO on
11 July 1952. Converted to DC3-C in Palmerston North 03 November 1952. Converted to freighter in Christchurch 29 September 1958.
Withdrawn from NAC service on 05 September 1966 with a total of 24,109 hours. To Airland (NZ) on 12 April 1967. Converted to Topdresser.
Flown by Bob Allen from 11th November 1968 until 6th October 1970. To Fieldair 20 February 1978. Last topdressing Flight  01 March 1984.
Registration cancelled 29 May 1985. Aircraft TTA 32846 hours. Nose section preserved by C. Rudge, Christchurch and on display at Wanaka
Transport Museum.
AWO when with NAC at Whenuapai 25th January 1965        © Peter Lewis

AWO now with Airland at Napier September 1969        © Dave Paull

And again at Napier 12th October 1969 when flown by Bob Allen        © Don Noble

AWO was also used as a Vehicle Transporter with a Fiat Bambina able to be stowed inside. Circa 1970  © G.Kluck

AWO working off Paraparaumu Aerodrome February 1974 with pilot Neville Worsley and Ron Burnett Loader Driver
                                                                      © Ron Burnett

AWO and Neville Worsley working off Wanganui Airport 12th July 1974 with Ron Sheahon loading.        © Ron Sheahon

AWO parked at Wanganui 6th January 1975        © Don Noble

AWO parked at Wanganui around the same time as the above photo        © Neville Worsley

AWO parked at Wanganui around the same time as the above photo        © Neville Worsley

AWO now at Woodbourne January 1976        © via Neville Worsley

The Bambina being loaded into AWO at Woodbourne January 1976        © via Neville Worsley

AWO at Fieldair's Maintenance hangar, Palmerston North with APK August 1976        © Neville Worsley

AWO at Omaka with Neville Worsley 18th April 1979        © Don Noble

AWO back at Woodbourne 27th December 1979        © Dave Paull

AWO loading at Napier 30th January 1981 with Neville Worsley in command        © Neville Worsley

AWO working in the hills at Ngatapu near Mohaka 30th January 1981        © Neville Worsley

Neville flying in amongst some steep terrain in AWO 31st January 1981        © Neville Worsley

AWO back at Omaka 5th March 1982        © Neville Worsley

Tiri Manahi on approach to Napier Airport in AWO circa 1982        © Rodger McCutcheon

AWO at Woodbourne 1982        © via Neville Worsley

AWO at Woodbourne 1982        © via Neville Worsley

Now retired at Palmerston North alongside APK 1984        © Neville Worsley

AWO's nose section being rescued by Chris Rudge        © Chris Rudge

Restoration of the cockpit underway        © Chris Rudge

And the cockpit nearing completion        © Chris Rudge

Now complete Chris used it for promo work at Airshows and other gatherings        © Chris Rudge

Now at the Museum at Ashburton January 2011        © Peter Lewis
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