c/n 16967/34227      NZ3556        C-47B-45-DK        "Poaka"

Constructed as a C-47B-45-DK by Douglas at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Douglas C-47B-45-DK 16967               
New construction number, 34227, assigned to the airframe.             
Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Army Air Force with s/n 45-964.                
Transferred to the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposal Center (MASDC) with inventory number NZ3556.

BOC No.1 ASU Hamilton. To No.40 Squadron, Whenuapai. To 41 Squadron January-June 1946. To 40 Squadron June 1946-May
1947. To Air Secretary, Air Department as ZK-AOK 01 June 1947 but not taken up. Returned RNZAF as NZ3556 11 April 1947. To
Air Secretary, Air Department as ZK-APK on 06 May 1947. Converted to DC3-D by ANA in Australia 29 May 1947. SOC Harewood
31 May 1947. To NZNAC as ZK-APK on 20 June 1947. Withdrawn from service by NAC in 1962 with a total of 28,711 hours.
Converted to DC3-D Skyliner "KAIKOHE" in Christchurch 28 August 1964. Leased to Fiji Airways as VQ-FAH from 22 May 1967-02
October 1967. Returned to NAC as ZK-APK 02 October 1967. To Airland (NZ) on 11 June 1969 and converted to topdresser.  Flown
by Bob Allen from the Napier base 19th October 1970 until November 1975. Bob Allen trained/converted many Fieldair Pilots on
the type in this DC3. Then flown by Harley Cadwallader and Mike Judd.To Fieldair 20 February 1978. Withdrawn from use 03 July
1981. Registration cancelled 30 March 1984. Towed to Mangaweka 1986 and now in use as a tea room there. TTA 42,764 hours.
APK 28th October 1949        © Kiwibeavers Archives

APK at Gisborne 12th December 1957        © via Gisborne Photo News

APK at Napier 2nd June 1964        © Dave Paull

APK at Gisborne 1968        © via Peter Layne

APK now Topdressing with Airland at Napier 8th November 1970        © Don Noble

In the Napier sunshine 8th November 1970 when flown by Bob Allen        © Don Noble

Lined up at Napier with 2 Lodestars 8th November 1970        © Don Noble

APK now at Palmerston North 16th January 1972        © Don Noble

Turning in the hills with Bob Allen 1970's near Napier        © Bob Allen

APK at work with pilot Harley Cadwallader mid 1970's        © via Ryan Cadwallader  >>>>

APK at work with pilot Harley Cadwallader        © Harley. Cadwallader  >>>>>

Now working out of Oringi 1979        © Neville Worsley

Now retired at Palmerston North 19th November 1983        © Dave Welch

Still at Milson 1984        © Neville Worsley

Now at Mangaweka and used as Tea Rooms 1989        © Dave Homewood

With an appetizing paint scheme at Mangaweka 24th January 2005        © Colin Hunter

Total repaint in another scheme 27th August 2012        © Graeme Mills

In the cockpit of APK 27th August 2012        © Graeme Mills

Another cockpit shot        © Graeme Mills
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