Auckland Seaplanes are up and away in Beaver ZK-AMA. They are based at The Viaduct,
161-173 Quay Street in Auckland Harbour, opposite The Vector Arena. CEO Chris Sattler
and Pilot Steven Newland have set up this business spectacle, naming their Beaver
"Aotearoa". Check out the website:  
Auckland Seaplanes
The original ZK-AMA was given to a Short S.30 Empire Class flying boat which arrived in New
Zealand in 1939. The Airline "TEAL" was founded jointly by the Governments of NZ, Australia &
The United Kingdom shortly after the arrival and a Trans-Tasman route between Auckland and
Sydney was set up, the first flight took place on the 30th April 1940, taking around 9 hours. AMA
was joined 3 weeks later by another S.30, AMC and these 2 flying boats maintained this service
until 1944. AMA was withdrawn from use in 1947 and was preserved as a tea rooms at
Mechanics Bay. It was finally broken up at Mission Bay in 1950.

The Beaver AMA, c/n 1477, was originally delivered to the Government of the Republic of
Ghana on the 17th of July 1961, serving with the Ghana Air Force. It was then noted as being
imported to Australia after being purchased by Aerial Agriculture at Bankstown around 1974. It
was registered as VH-IMN and was operated as a Topdresser until the early 1980's. It was then
used as a Floatplane by Reef World and Airwhitsunday, registration changing to VH-HAQ. It was
cancelled from the Australian register in November 1989 and exported to Canada, to become
C-GBVR in Vancouver B.C. then to Richmond B.C. It was then imported into NZ mid 2013 and
registered ZK-AMA on the 9th of July 2013 to Auckland Seaplanes.

(Above information supplied by Eddie Coates and Neil Aird)              
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AMA has now been joined by a second Beaver
And a new pilot Michael Jeffs.                                                        

                                                                              All images copyright as shown.
The earliest image available when at Bankstown, 10/12/1974 as VH-IMN  © D.Bates
                                                                       via Facebook 6th January 2015, no wonder
                                                                        Steven is smiling....he has Caroline
                                                                         Wozniacki as a passenger!!!!

Then up at the Whitsundays as VH-HAQ, 11th June 1988        © Lenn Bayliss

C-GBVR captured in Vancouver, B.C. Canada in 2001        © Neil Aird

C-GBVR again by Neil 20th September 2004        © Neil Aird

ZK-AMA shortly after it's first flight at Auckland November 2013       © Steven Newland

AMA landing in the Waitemata Harbour November 2013       © Steven Newland

Resting on the beach at Kawau Island November 2013        © Steven Newland

Resting at O'Connell's Bay November 2013        © Steven Newland

5 more photos sent in by Auckland Seaplanes CEO Chris Sattler.

Great shots of AMA in and around Auckland.

These 5 images are copyright © to Chris Sattler.

Owner Chris Sattler

27th January 2014 taken by Master pic taker Lenn Bayliss        © Lenn Bayliss

Another great water shot from Lenn        © Lenn Bayliss

And another with the Auckland Harbour bridge        © Lenn Bayliss

At the Waitemata wharf        © Lenn Bayliss

Pilot Steven Newland and owner Chris Sattler        © Chris Sattler

© Steven Newland