Sydney By Seaplane
As the name infers, Sydney By Seaplane is a Sydney based business that offers
extraordinary service and sightseeing around the city, the Northern Beaches and the
Hawkesbury, among other places. Based at Palm Beach, Steve Krug and Jenny Belfield run a
very professional and "hands on" Company using a de Havilland Beaver that was built in
1964. They also have a mooring at Rose Bay in the heart of Sydney that is used for a pick-up
and drop-off point, very close to the Sydney Harbour and the infamous bridge. I have met up
with Steve and Jenny many times, getting in the way trying to take photos but they have
always made me feel welcome. The Beaver has special significance to me as I loaded it for a
few days when it was working as a Topdresser in New Zealand for 20 years as ZK-CKD. It
was also flown for many years by my good friend and Pilot for 2 Bill Luther. We celebrated
SWB's 50th birthday in July of 2014 at Manly and present were myself, Bill, his wife Anne
(who both made the journey across the ditch) and many friends of Steve and Jenny's. So
have a look at the history below of this wonderful "old" bird and her owners and if you are
ever in Sydney, take time out to see the city and beyond from above. Call Jenny on
The earliest photo I have taken at Dannevirke 24th October 1965         © Don Noble

Hard at work topdressing near Dannevirke 1966 with pilot Derek Erskine        © Derek Erskine

And again with Derek at Waipukarau 1966        © Derek Erskine

Back at the Dannevirke base 25th March 1967        © Don Noble

A new colour scheme 28th December 1970 at Dannevirke        © Don Noble

Still at Dannevirke, with c/n 324 BBX and other topdressing gear       © Dave Bates

At Dannevirke again 26th February 1972        © Dave Bates

Now based at Gisborne 23rd December 1973 when flown by Bill Luther         © Dave Bates

A new colour scheme outside the Fieldair hangar at Gisborne 27th October 1974        © Dave Bates

Again at Gisborne 3rd January 1977        © Don Noble

Loading at Holden's strip near Gisborne with pilot Bill Luther 22nd December 1977        © Ray Deerness

Another new paint scheme at Gisborne 7th January 1979        © Don Noble

Now retired from Topdressing and fully refurbished 29th January 1993        © Don Noble

Now in Australia, seen here at Bankstown 11th September 2003        © via Steve Krug

At Bankstown with fellow Beaver AAO and the Catalina CAT 12th December 2009        © Graeme Mills

At Palm Beach Marina with owners Steve & Jenny 12th December 2009        © Graeme Mills

Landing at Palm Beach 5th January 2012        © Graeme Mills

Taking off at Palm Beach 11th October 2014        © Graeme Mills

Landing at Palm Beach 11th October 2014        © Graeme Mills

Taking off from Palm Beach with Barrenjoey Lighthouse in the background 15th August 2015  © G.Mills

Your pilot Steve Krug at the helm        © Graeme Mills

Steve Krug after his 39,986th water landing 30th December 2015        Graeme Mills

Taking off across Palm Beach on a perfect day 30th December 2015        © Graeme Mills

Taxiing in to the dock 30th December 2015        © Graeme Mills

Where the hard working girls Kate and Jenny are waiting 30th December 2015        © Graeme Mills

And taking off again for another scenic down to Sydney Harbour   30th December 2015        © Graeme Mills
A brief history of the de Havilland Beaver of Sydney By Seaplane

c/n 1557

22/07/1964 - Commissioned at the de Havilland factory in Downsview, Ontario, Canada
08/10/1964 - Arrived at Hawker-Siddeley, Wellington, New Zealand
29/01/1965 - Purchased by Fieldair Ltd. of Gisborne. This was Fieldair’s 10th Beaver.
Registered as ZK-CKD, it was based at Dannevirke and flown by Jim Irving.
CKD was passed on to Bill Luther in 1972 who had just joined the Company in Gisborne.
Bill flew this Beaver for the next 7 years, up until 1979 when he went on to flying the DC3.
02/04/1974 - Slight damage at Whakatane "nudging" a pump shed (H.Cadwallader)
It was finally retired from the rigors of topdressing in 1986.
Frank Wright in Tauranga purchased this aircraft and proceeded to completely strip and rebuild it.
1991-92 CKD was completely rebuilt and is noted as being purchased by Wilderness Wings in Hokitika on the 8th February 1993.
It was purchased by its current owner, Seawing Airways, Darwin, N.T. Australia in 1996.
10/05/1996 - New owners Steve Krug & Jenny Belfield flew this Beaver across the Tasman and on up to Darwin. It was registered
as VH-SWB and still retains this title.
Steve and Jenny later relocated to Rose Bay, Sydney N.S.W.
As at the 2nd January 2016, Steve has flown 13,000 hours on floats in SWB, ferrying sightseers and tourists throughout the
Sydney area. He has also accomplished over 40,600 water landings and 4,580 land landings.
2016, Steve has
passed the 40,000
water landings
and 13,000 hours
in SWB alone. That
means partner
Jenny has done
over 40,000 dock
arrivals. And
helped 200,000
people in and out
of the Beaver.