The Gavin Conroy Collection
A few images taken by Air-To-Air Photographer Gavin Conroy at The
Lawson Field Reunion, Gisborne, 24th October 2010. If you would like
any of these images, please contact Gavin direct via e-mail

Also visit his website for more photos from the Reunion and heaps of
others from many Airshows, Displays and gatherings.

Piloted by Jay McIntyre, Gavin
gets seated in the rear of the
Nanchang ready for another
air-to-air session off the Coast
of Gisborne   © G.Mills
This photo is taken from Beaver
CKH by Lenn Bayliss. It captures
Gavin looking back at the
Beavers whilst taking photos.
© Lenn Bayliss