Farmers Air Ltd
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A newspaper article about Andy Stevenson and Farmers Air  2012.        © Gisborne Herald

Andy in EMB at Motu 1978

Andy in his first Cresco LTP (s/n 009) at the Airshow at Fielding April 1994        © Don Noble

Andy's first PT6A-34AG powered Cresco LTT (s/n 011) at the base 16th January 1995        © Don Noble

LTU (s/n 014) at Gisborne 20th November 1996 when flown by Pete Gordon        © Don Noble

Air Tractor SNO a few days after being purchased by Farmers Air at Gisborne 16th January 1998
                      © Don Noble

TMO shortly after being purchased from Fieldair with pilot Bruce Peterson. 15th March 1998
                      © Don Noble

TMO at Napier early 2001        © Peter Lewis

LTE (s/n 029) at Anaura Beach North of Gisborne 23rd January 2006

JOF at Gisborne 29th April 2007        © Graeme Mills

Guy Stevenson conducting initial testing on the 750XL. JPU (s/n 117) near Gisborne 19th May 2009
                      © Guy Stevenson

Farmers Air Lineup at Napier  3rd June 2009        © Guy Stevenson

LTA (s/n 027) at Gisborne base 3rd November 2009        © Lenn Bayliss

Andy Stevenson putting on a great display at the Lawson Field Reunion in Gisborne 24th October 2010

JOF again, this time flown by Managing Director & Chief Pilot Andrew Hogarth

26th October 2010

Rangimoe Station, Rere, West of Gisborne

Loader-Driver Graeme Harris

LTE in the Farmers Air Hangar at Gisborne 3rd November 2011        © Lenn Bayliss

LTG (s/n 004) at Farmers Air Base, Matawhero, Gisborne 2nd September 2011

LTX (s/n 023) loading at Rototahi strip, Tolaga Bay North of Gisborne
26th August 2011
Pilot Peter Blake

2 photos of Cresco JOF (s/n 032)
loading at Puhatikitiki strip,
Whatatutu, North West of Gisborne.23rd April 2013

Pilot George Anderson

Loader-Driver Tristan Abraham

750SP JPU (s/n 117) loading at Puhatikitiki strip 28th April 2013
Pilot George Anderson
Loader-Driver Tristan Abraham

JBC (s/n 119) at Gisborne 31st January 2015

SWA (s/n 130) at Gisborne 31st January 2015

FNZ at Gisborne 27th September 2015        © Graeme Mills

Glenn Haora & Andy Stevenson in LTX at Papatu Station, Gisborne 25th April 2013     © Graeme Mills

750XL SWA (s/n 130) at Farmers Air base 31st January 2015

Farmers Air lineup at Napier Airport June 2009        © Guy Stevenson
Farmers Air is a Gisborne based Aerial Topdressing and Spraying Company that was formed in February 1978 by Andy Stevenson. Prior to this, Andy was Fieldair's Ruatoria based
Pilot/Manager, his main Beaver was ZK-CCY for about 5 years. Farmers Air initially used a Cessna A188B Agwagon ZK-EJK and was based at Gisborne. Then came a new 400hp  
Fletcher ZK-EMB, s/n 252 which came off the Hamilton production line in June 1978. EMB was used for many years, even after Andy's first Cresco ZK-LTP s/n 009  joined the company
in 1992. Prior to LTP arriving, Andy bought out both James Aviation and Cookson's Gisborne Divisions. LTT s/n 011 came along October 1994, followed by LTU in May 1996. LTT went
to  Malaysia shortly after LTU arrived and LTP was based at Taupo, flown by Simon Birch. Pete Gordon flew LTU until it went to Otane (after LTX arrived) where it was based with Robin
Langslow. Andy bought out Fieldair's Gisborne & Wairoa bases, inheriting Air Tractor ZK-SNO and Cresco ZK-TMO, s/n 012, several Loaders and Gisborne Pilot Bruce Peterson
transferred and flew TMO. SNO was used briefly before going to Malaysia. LTT returned from Malaysia and later replaced LTP at Taupo. LTP was used from Gisborne and flown by Bill
Luther for a short time. It is now with Super Air and based at Te Awamutu. LTX s/n 23 arrived November 1998 and flown by Pete Gordon. Then came LTA, s/n 027 March 2000, LTE s/n
029 October 2001, JOF s/n 032 in 2003 as well as ex JAD, now LTG s/n 004. As at October 2015, all Cresco's have left the fleet except LTG which is set up for spraying. It is currently in
the  South Island and flown by Dave Evans. LTU is now based at Waipukarau with Bruce Peterson's Company Aerospread. LTE was flown fron new by Bruce Peterson and went with
him when he purchased Napier Company Aerospread. LTX  replaced LTE after it crashed in February 2014 and has been re-registered as LTE. JOF is now with Super Air and based at
Masterton. LTT is now with Super Air and based at Te Kuiti. The Farmers Air Cresco's have been replaced with the Ag version of the PAC 750XL, named the FALCO 3000.These include
XLA, XLB, JBC, JPU and SWA. The Company is now managed by Andrew Hogarth along with Gisborne pilots George Anderson and Sam Hood and Peter Blake in Wairoa. Long time
Loader Driver Graeme Harris is based in Gisborne, along with Tristan Abraham.