Paraparaumu 3rd August 1969        © Don Noble

10th November 1966 at Napier        © Peter Lewis

Unknown location        © Neville Worsley

An Aero News Article 1960's        © Rob Graham

Loading at Masterton with Bob Cranston pilot        © Bob Cranston

Taking off over Manaia Road, Masterton with Bob Cranston        © Bob Cranston

Spreading the load        © Bob Cranston

What's left in 1989 after fire practice!!        © Marcus Bridle

At Masterton with arriving parachutist        © Ron Burnett

New Plymouth in early Airland colours 8th March 1969        © Don Noble

Loading at Paraparaumu 3rd August 1969        © Don Noble

At Palmerston North  2nd January 1970        © Don Noble

Masterton when flown by Bob Cranston   9th April 1977     © Don Noble

At Gisborne with BBJ when flown by Bill Luther  7th January 1979        © Don Noble