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A website covering photos and information on the DHC-2 Beaver aircraft that were imported into New Zealand. Most were used in the "topdressing" role from 1950. There are currently 2
Beavers still configured to topdress in N.Z., one of which is full time working. Also on this site, there are other types of aircraft used to fertilise the rugged hill country of this Island Nation.
And a few bits and pieces from Australia, Canada, the U.S.A. and other places. This is a work in progress so if you have or know of photos and info regarding this Industry, please get in touch.

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The photo at right is of Sydney By Seaplane's Beaver VH-SWB landing at
Palm Beach. Imported new into New Zealand in 1964, it spent 20 years as a
topdresser with Fieldair. It's NZ registration was ZK-CKD and after
retirement from the rugged East Coast hills, it was completely refurbished
by Frank Wright. New owners Steve Krug & Jenny Belfield purchased it in
1996 and flew it across the Tasman Sea to Darwin and set up their Float
Plane business. They then moved to Rose Bay in Sydney and have been
flying passengers in the area for the past 18 years. I can thoroughly
recommend a flight in this rugged aircraft. Contact Jenny on 1300-720-995
when in Sydney and take in magnificent views of the Sydney Harbour
Bridge, the Opera House and the wonderful coastline, amongst other
places. Click on the brochure at left for more info.
Sydney By Seaplane page is here:
 Sydney By Seaplane
Complete Beaver Production
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Alan Ayling has a Fletcher page here for all
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Fletcher FU24
22nd September 2018
Starting on the Dave Bates "Ag Dak" Collection
Added Gavin Conroy
Well, some good news for a ex-N.Z. Beaver is being prepared
for a journey back Down Under, to the Whitsundays along with another US
Beaver. C/n 1590, ex
ZK-CMU is due to ship sometime in August, along with C/n
826. More info and pics on Neil's site here:
A flashback to about 1956-57, sent
to me by Darby Dunstan who is 2nd
from the left in the photo. Lodestar
pilot James Austin-Greene is at left
and Gerry Oman far right.
© Darby Dunstan
It is with deep regret that I announce
that Bob Allen passed away June 7th
2016 in his home at Loganholme,
Brisbane, aged 92 years. Bob joined
Fieldair in December 1951 as an
Engineer then went on to fly Tigers,
Beavers, Lodestars and DC3's until
September 1975. Bob trained many
pilots on Lodestars and DC3's. He and
wife Eileen moved from Cooroy in
Queensland down to Brisbane last
year to be close to their daughter

R.I.P. Bob, you were admired by many.
Above: Bob flying BUV
to Gisborne on it's last
flight in 1972 and at right
celebrating his 90th
birthday with wife Eileen
at Cooroy, 15/2/2014.
Recently, former Fieldair Pilot Bill
Luther and 3 others did The Great
Aussie Adventure, flying their RV
Sports from N.Z to Oz and a circuit
through inland Oz and home again.

The article recently published in the NZ
Sport Flying mag can be found here:

Great Aussie Adventure

A wonderful achievement for these
pilots to brave the elements.
In memory of George Anderson
and Robbie Solouota. R.I.P.
Shot out to Luskintyre to catch
VH-CXS which belongs to Toby
Dorn of Blue Sky Airways. Hope
to get more photos of it in the air
A change of ownership for Hallett Griffin's company
Kairanga Aviation.

Story here:  
 Selling after 54 years
Many thanks to Dave Bates who is starting to process
his collection of Ag Dak photos. Above is Bob Allen in
APK at Takapau 12th April 1971. I will post more images
once Dave has done them.
For those of you on Facebook,
John Anderson and I have
started a group called Kiwi
Beavers + Daks + Others which
can be found here